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How many credits will my team need?
How many credits will my team need?
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You can now use our Hubble Pass Calculator to help figure out the approximate amount of credits your team would use every month, based on the anticipated usage across coworking spaces, meeting room usage and even private day office hire.

As the admin, while you're on a monthly membership, we’ll provide you with your usage data so you can make decisions about how many credits you need every month. If you don’t use all your credits, they roll over into the next month so there’s no wastage. It’s also very flexible and you can pause or cancel your membership at any time.

If you'd like to talk further about credits or anything else related to monthly memberships, please email our onboarding team on

While this will vary from space to space, we’ve created a rough pricing guide for your ease. As this is based on recent marketing averages, we’ll be sure to keep this pricing guide up-to-date:

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