How do 'Credit Caps' work?
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You can now set monthly credit limits for your team, here's what you can do:

Admins can now:

  1. Set monthly limits for team members to spend on coworking spaces

  2. Set individual limits per member so it’s tailored to each member's needs

  3. Share the responsibility of booking private day offices and meeting rooms with individual members, such as team leads

Please note that :

  • Credit caps are only available on monthly plans

  • The monthly limits reset in line with your monthly plan renewal date.

If you're a Member, please ask your Admin for more details.

How to set Credit Caps:

To set a company-wide credit limit for coworking space bookings, go to the Credit Spend area in the Admin tab here. Then, select 'Capped' and set a monthly limit.

To set individual credit caps for the month, go to Manage Teams and click on the member’s name to set a personal limit. Remember to reset it later if you want to increase it just for that month.

You can also give members the ability to request private day offices and meeting rooms from here.

Here's a handy video that explains how to do all this in more detail.

If you have any questions, please email us on

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