What are credits?
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The Hubble Pass membership is the perfect solution for teams with regular usage. Our monthly memberships work on a credits-based system, with credits used to pay for access to on-demand workspace.

The number of credits that a booking uses is dependent on the type of space you are booking, the number of attendees and the length of time you need the booking for.

  • Coworking access costs an average of 5-6 credits per day pass

  • Meeting rooms cost an average of 2-3 credits per seat per hour

  • Day offices cost an average of 8-9 credits per person per day

Have a look at our credit usage calculator to decide how many credits your team needs. Our memberships are monthly rolling, credits roll over and plans can be adjusted based on usage.

Please email us on pass@hubblehq.com to talk directly with our Hubble Pass onboarding team.

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