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What are the benefits of a Hubble Pass membership?
What are the benefits of a Hubble Pass membership?
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The Hubble Pass membership is the perfect solution for organisations and teams who regularly need on-demand workspace access. Our monthly memberships work on a credits-based system, with credits used to pay for access to on-demand workspace.

Here are some key benefits of a Hubble Pass Membership for you to consider:

🔒 Access to admin features and controls, like spend capping and user permissions

💸 Bookings are 15%-30% cheaper than PAYG

🤝 Access to your own dedicated account manager

📍 Ability to send your own customised location requests

📊 Access to usage insights and analytics, such as data reports

Our monthly memberships start at 100 credits and can be customised based on usage. Our memberships are monthly rolling, credits roll over and plans can be adjusted based on usage. You can view more details on pricing here.

​Interested in how the Hubble Pass membership works? Book a demo here

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