How much is the Hubble Pass?
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To use the Pass, companies buy credits on a flexible monthly plan. These credits are then held at company level, in your central pot. Each team member who has access to the platform can use these credits to book on-demand spaces.

If you’re the admin, we’ll provide you with your usage data so you can make decisions about how many credits you need every month. If you don’t use all your credits, they roll over into the next month so there’s no wastage. It’s also very flexible and you can pause or cancel at any time.

On the Hubble Pass, we have two plans to choose from: Pay-As-You-Go or a Monthly Rolling Plan.

While the two plans boast their unique benefits, they’re both designed for maximum flexibility. You can pause or cancel at any time and increase or decrease your plan amount—depending on your usage. But here’s a quick lowdown to make things super simple:

Head here to look at your options on the pass, and check out the images below for our plans on offer. We do have standard pre-set plans but are more than happy to set up a customised plan based on your usage, starting from £50 per month. Here’s an overview of the pre-set plans:

If you'd like to talk further about credits or anything else related to monthly plans, please email our onboarding team on

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