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What is Hubble On-Demand?
Updated over a week ago

Hubble allows businesses to give their employees on-demand access to a global network of top-quality workspaces, whenever they need it.

Hubble gives you on-demand access to hundreds of amazing workspaces around the world – from coworking spaces to meeting rooms to day offices and event spaces.

There are two ways of booking and paying for on-demand workspace:

​Pay-as-you-go (PAYG)

Pay-as-you-go is a great solution for one-off or ad-hoc bookings. Simply search, book and pay for a workspace with a credit or debit card.

Hubble On-Demand Monthly Plan

A Hubble On-Demand Monthly Plan is the perfect solution for teams with regular usage. Our monthly plans work on a credits-based system, with credits used to pay for access to on-demand workspace. Our monthly plans start at £500 and can be customised based on usage. All plans are monthly rolling, credits roll over and plans can be adjusted based on usage.

It’s great for:

  • Remote-first companies allowing their teams to work from anywhere around the world

  • Distributed teams and for employees who can't come to the HQ

  • Giving employees a break from home working

  • Team collaboration (for remote or distributed teams, or for team off-sites)

  • Teams on the move, meeting clients (i.e. sales teams)

  • Company events and all-hands, board meetings

What you can access with a Hubble On-Demand monthly plan:

  • Co-working spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, phone booths, presentation suites, creative zones, training rooms and event spaces.

To view more information about the costs of individual workspace bookings and pricing for Hubble On-Demand monthly plans, please visit our on-demand pricing page here, and sign up here.

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