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How does Hubble On-Demand billing work for Hosts?
How does Hubble On-Demand billing work for Hosts?
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This article is intended for building operators only.

Our Host team will assist you through the onboarding & listing process. During onboarding, we collect the following information:

  • Billing entity associated with a building

  • Billing address associated with a billing entity

  • VAT number (if applicable) associated with a billing entity

  • Finance / billing contact email address

Once your buildings are listed on our website, they are available for bookings by our customers. We aggregate all your bookings, by building, for a calendar month. Within the first 5 working days of the calendar month's end, you'll receive a breakdown of all your bookings for the month, which will be paid net of our commission. For example, you'll receive the net value of all your January bookings in early February.

The specifics of how our billing works depends on:

  • Whether your buildings are located in the UK or outside of the UK

  • Whether you are registered for VAT in the UK

Please consult the following articles if:

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