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How to access invoices in Tipalti
How to access invoices in Tipalti
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This guide is for UK VAT vendors using the self-billing mechanism and explains how to navigate through the Tipalti platform to access invoices & payout information.

Invoice History:

You can view all your invoices under the “Invoice History” Tab.

Each building will have its own invoice.

You can download your invoices by scrolling to the right where you will see the PDF icon. Click on the PDF icon to download the invoice:

Once you've opened the invoice, a detailed list of coworking bookings can be found by clicking on the “link” highlighted below:

NOTE: we are currently working on adding private offices & meeting room bookings into this link.

Payment History Tab:

Under the “Payment History” tab, you can view all the payments Hubble has made including a breakdown of the invoices. E.g. if you have multiple buildings in one billing entity, you will receive one payment amount for the total of all invoices.

You can see total payout figures per month on this screen. Click on the arrow as highlighted below to drill down into a particular month's payment:

This takes you to a breakdown of invoices that make up the total payment amount for a month.

You will receive a separate document via email with our commission invoice with input tax details.

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