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Where can I find my bookings?
Updated over a week ago

To access your bookings on Hubble, you'll need to start by logging in to your account here.

Once logged in, you'll be directed to your Hubble dashboard. Look for a section on the left labeled "On-Demand" and then select "My Bookings" at the top - from here you can switch between Coworking, Private Day Office, and Meeting Room bookings on the top right-hand side.

To get more information about a specific booking, click on the drop-down labeled 'View details'. This will open a detailed view, including information on the cost of the booking, address and number of attendees. Here you can also add attendees to meeting room and private day office bookings.

You can also view upcoming coworking bookings made by your team by selecting 'Team Activity'.

For added convenience, you can also sync your Hubble coworking bookings with a calendar feed or Slack integration. You can view more details on how to add and use these integrations here.

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