Can I book a meeting room?
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! We'd love to help you with your meeting room requirements. You'll be able to request a meeting room via your chosen building's listing page up until 2pm on the previous working day before your booking date

You will also need to have credits available on your company's On-Demand account to be able to request your meeting room, as we take payment for the hire of a meeting room upfront.

Please note that you will either need to have admin rights or have a meeting-room-booking-enabled On-Demand account (designated by your account's admin) to be able to request a meeting room.

Your request will go straight to the building's booking team so that they can check their availability and assist with getting you booked in, our team will be chasing for a response behind the scenes! Should they be unable to accommodate your request, a member of the Hubble Bookings Team will reach out to you with alternative options where possible.

Please note that you are only able to use your meeting room during the times you have booked, and cannot access the space prior to your booking unless you have booked a coworking space.

If you require access to the coworking space for the building on the day of your booking, you’ll need to book yourself in via the Book Space page as usual.

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