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How can I list my space on Hubble?
How can I list my space on Hubble?
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Hubble is a global marketplace for hybrid workspaces. Our customers find their ideal offices through HubbleHQ, rentable by the month or more, and book on-demand workspaces — such as coworking spaces, meeting rooms and offices by the day — via Hubble On-Demand.

Is Hubble HQ right for me?

If you're a quality workspace provider in the UK, offering monthly or longer term leases for private office space, then yes!

How does Hubble HQ work?

Customers search for their ideal office and request viewings directly through the marketplace. You can manage viewing requests, leads and listings via our industry-leading platform. Our dedicated Workspace Experts are here to ensure you get your spaces filled quickly and with the right companies.

Is there a fee to list my space on HQ Search?

No. It's completely free to list, and we only take a commission fee once we successfully help you find a tenant. We take a 10% fee of the first 12 months’ rent, or the minimum term of the license, whichever is greater. See our Terms of Business for more.

Is Hubble On-Demand right for me?

If you have on-demand workspaces anywhere in the world, offering access to coworking spaces, meeting rooms by the hour and/or private offices by the day, then yes!

How does Hubble On-Demand work?

Customers access a global marketplace of on-demand workspaces to book desks in coworking areas, meeting rooms, and private offices by the day. We help you list and manage your spaces, and we pay you monthly.

Is there a fee to list my space on Hubble On-Demand?

No. It's completely free to list. We pay you at the end of each month based on your rates and the number of bookings at your spaces, minus our commission, which can vary from 10% to 20%, depending on the type of space and location.

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