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How to set up your Tipalti account
How to set up your Tipalti account
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This step by step guide applies to UK VAT vendors who have signed a self-billing agreement and will be paid for their bookings via the self-billing mechanism.

Profile information required

Each billing entity will need to register an account in Tipalti.

  • If you have one billing entity then you only need to register once.

  • If you have multiple billing entities, then you need to register a separate account for each entity. We appreciate that this may result in a lot of accounts, however it is the only way that we can bill separately for each entity.

You can only register a particular email address to a single Tipalti profile. However you can circumvent this by creating email aliases e.g. for Billing Entity 1, for Billing Entity 2. All emails will arrive in the inbox of but you will be able to login to separate Tipalti accounts using the email alias.

You'll need to follow the steps below for each billing entity.

First time sign-in

  1. After signing the self-billing agreement, Hubble will set up a profile for each billing entity, using the Finance email address provided to us on the sign up form. If more require multiple profiles, we usually ask for the email addresses when we send the self-billing agreement.

    You will receive a unique link as follows via email:

    The link will take you to the following page, where you need to complete your registration information:

2. After registration, you will be prompted to login to your account. This is the Tipalti login page.

NOTE: We can only make payment once your profile is fully completed by following all the steps below.

3. You are then required to input your Billing Entity information as follows:

4. Next insert your payment information & agree to the T's & C's:

5. Fill in the Tax Forms

  • Insert your VAT number using the UK format starting with "GB" e.g. if your VAT number is 123456789, you need to input GB123456789

That's it! Your Tipalti profile is now complete and you are ready to be paid.

If you already have a Tipalti account but are struggling to login, please check this page for guidance.

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