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I need to add attendee(s) to my existing day pass booking.
I need to add attendee(s) to my existing day pass booking.
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If you need to add another attendee to an existing booking, we suggest making a separate booking for your colleague and removing yourself from the list of attendees from the new booking, by clicking the X beside your own name, before clicking to book.

Alternatively, you can cancel the existing booking and add all attendees to a new group booking (of up to six people). You will need to make this change before 5pm the day before your booking date, to ensure the reception team receive the request in time.

If your new booking will be for six people or more, please reach out to us on and we will be happy to liaise with the reception team to check that they are able to accept a large group in their coworking space on your chosen date.

If you need to remove an attendee from your group booking, the organiser will be able to do so by heading to My Bookings, clicking into 'View Details' and clicking the X button next to the attendee's name.

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