How do I book coworking space?
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Here's the link for you to view the bookable coworking spaces available, using your Hubble Pass.
Once there, you'll see a list view on the left, and a map view on the right.

You can narrow down your search results by entering your desired location into the search bar, or by helpful facilities that the building offers.

Once you've found a building you'd like to work from for the day - click the pin (map view) or the listing card (list view) and you'll see a 'Book A Day Pass' button on the pass building listing page.

You will be asked which date you'd like to visit the space and then you'll receive a confirmation email once you've booked it.

If you wish to book other members in with you, you can do so at this stage (we don't currently have the ability to edit an existing booking to add members but we're working on it!)

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